Are you having a hard time deciding between Granite and Quartz for your countertops in your bathrooms and kitchens?  The professional designer can assist you on your choices between the two.

A few facts about Granite and Quartz:

  • Granite is a natural stone cut directly from the earth’s surface.
  • Granite is igneous rock, which means it is formed out of magma after cool down.
  • Granite is a tough rock so it is used frequent in engineering and construction
  • Granite shows veining and uneven color patterns, making it look more natural.
  • Quartz is an engineered stone.
  • Quartz is a mineral made from the earth’s crust, second only to feldspar.
  • Quartz can be used in construction of not only countertops but also jewelry and the art of carving.   Its final product can change in appearance, consistency and color.

If you use Quartz you will see a more even color pattern than you would with Granite.

Granite and quartz can both be used as the basic materials for your countertops that are resistant to stains and scratches.

Quartz is less porous so there is a lower chance that food and water can be trapped in the surface whereas with Granite it is not.

Granite countertops should always be sealed at the end so they are protected from all elements.

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