When you think of “outdoor kitchens” you might think of an “Outdoor man cave”.   An outdoor grill, smoker, keg tapper, Wi-fi, TV, Audio system, some comfortable seating and a little heat for the cooler months. Americans, love to barbecue.  71% own a grill and 74% of owners, fire up their grill once a week. Three out of ten grill owners feel that grilling is extremely important for entertaining.

At Unique Showroom, we can custom design your very own “outdoor kitchen” to suit your lifestyle. Whether it is from scratch or from some of your own ideas, we can put our ideas together and come up with the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen for your home that will make you the envy of the neighborhood!!

From the “Taj Mahal” with all the bells and whistles, amenity and appliances that one can imagine to the “Kiosk” type which consists of a prefab portable grill island with a tv and a dinner tray for a shelf.   Shelter is the key to any outdoor kitchen by adding an overhead protection with a roof structure, trellis, leaf canopy or some amazing umbrellas,  it will make your outdoor kitchen have its own Unique design.   Plenty of grill space, a large prep area, sink space, tons of storage, larger space for multiple cooks, a side burner, and ambient lighting are very important factors when designing any outdoor kitchen.  Concrete, glass, wood and stainless steel are the options for your countertops. Even outdoor dishwashers with multiple refrigeration drawers, under the counter cabinets and even icemakers are in high demand on outdoor kitchens.

Having an outdoor kitchen is a family affair, where the entire family can be involved in the planning stages at dinner times.  Let Unique Showroom assist you in designing your Outdoor kitchen so that you can enjoy your family at any mealtime.

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