Your bathroom is the one place which is warm and private and you can take a soothing shower or bubble bath after a hard day’s work.  You probably spend more time in your bathroom then you realized.   It is the first and last room you use at the start and end of the day and the one room most often seen by your visitors! 

 When you come to Unique Showroom to get your ideas on how to remodel your bathroom you might already have a game plan.   Bring your drawings with you so you can pick out your color choices. If not then our professional designers can assist you on your color choices for your newly remodeled bathroom.     We have a large selection of porcelain and ceramic tile to choose from to put on your bathroom floors, and showers enclosures.   If you like the wood look you might want to consider porcelain that looks like real wood.  It will definitely make your bathroom stand out and look very comfy. There are a large selection of backsplashes that you can choose from to mix and match with your wall tile and your floors as well.  Pull up a chair,  sit down and start putting all your ideas together at Unique Showroom. 

 On the showroom floor we have bathtubs, with and without jets and many options of niches, backsplashes and tile that might catch your eye.    From Travertine Classic 18 x 18 tiles to Venice Cappuccino 18 x 18 tiles. If you are not a bathtub person you might consider doing a complete remodel by having the tub removed and add a large walk-in shower with a large bench for relaxing. The options are endless when you come to Unique Showroom!!! 

 No matter what you decide, your experience at Unique Showroom will definitely be worth the  trip. Once you have your bathroom remodeled then all your friends, family and visitors will be the envy of you because they will love your new bathroom!!